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Pins up to date

The round hinge was a big labor saving device. Most round hinges came as part of a per-assembled unit that included the hinge, catch and pin. Such units could be attached to the brooch in one step. Previously, tube hinges and catches were all attached individually. Some round hinges, though, can be found separately Fig. These single pieces were mostly made for repair work.

The pads below the hinge made soldering easier.

Pin-up model

Pins that go with round hinges can be identified because the pin is one single piece see Fig. Pins for tube hinges, remember, are made of two pieces: the pin and a separate tube soldered to the pin. The pin was kept within the C with tension created by the pin against the fabric to which it was attached.

Some pins were held in place by pressure of a bend in the pin which pressed against the C. This type of catch was not very secure because the pin could slip out of the C. C catches are generally always hand made.

A C catch of some type was in use from about to These hand made efforts are the first so called "safety catches". Oh no. They provided safety against loosing your brooch! Saving blood, although noble, was a secondary consideration to protecting a valuable piece of jewelry.

Early safety catches, like tube hinges, are hand made. Generally, the same person who made the brooch also made the early safety catches. Because they are hand made, the early safety catches show lots of variation.

Some are simple like the lever safety in Fig. It is machine made with a rotating jaw that locks the pin in the catch Fig. It is usually mounted in a preassembled unit, such as a bar, with a round hinge Fig.

Katy Perry makes use of the ideas associated with pin-up modeling, and has included these in music videos and costumes. The pin-up modeling subculture has produced magazines and forums dedicated to its community. Delicious Dolls[31] a magazine that began in and has both a print and digital version, was described in as "the most-liked" pin-up magazine in the world. Another well known modern pin-up magazine featuring pin-ups in vintage dress, Retro Lovely[32] is the modern day pin-up Magazine with the most sold digital and print copies.

It began in and ran until when it took a four year hiatus but resumed publication in July until present. Both of these magazine supports pin-up-related events throughout the United States and allows anyone to be featured in the magazine as long as they have worked with an approved photographer. Retro Lovely has been sold in Newsstands and Bookstores on and off since its debut. Within this subculture there are opportunities to perform in pin-up contests, including one which takes place during the Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival.

Though Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page are often cited as the classic pin-up, there were many black women who were also considered to be impactful. In the s the most notable Black burlesque dancer was Josephine Baker. Dorothy Dandridge and Eartha Kitt also added to the pin-up style of their time, статистика букмекерских коэффициентов their looks, fame, and personal success.

African-American pin-up finally had a platform when the magazine, Jetwas created in Jet supported pin-up as they had a full page feature called, "Beauty of the Week", where African-American women posed in a swimsuits and such.

This was intended to showcase the beauty these women possessed as they lived in a world where their skin color was under constant scrutiny. Historically, black women in pin-up are still not as common as their white counterparts. However, the recent revival of pin-up style has propelled many black women today to create and dabble with the classic pin-up look to create their own standards of beauty.

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Vance, ed. Archived from the original on 5 October Archived from the original on 4 October Boston: Little Brown. ISBN Duke University Press. Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup. Net Encyclopedia, edited by Robert Whaples. February 10, You can get the code in Narvesen stores by asking it to the salesperson.

Dating Brooch Fasteners - 1850 to 1910

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For example, you may collect PINS by purchasing a hot dog, a coffee or a magazine, but not by purchasing alcohol, cigarettes, transport tickets, other non-food products and Narvesen services. You can also choose the amount of money you wish to cover by PINS and pay the rest with cash or credit card. If you received the card in a Narvesen store, you have to register it in PINS mobile app or on the website pins.

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Unfortunately, if you do not present the digital card or the plastic card when making a purchase, you will not be able to collect PINS. Post-registration of Narvesen receipts is also not possible. That way, you will receive a replacement card, and all the collected PINS will be transferred from the previous card to the new one. I did some system updates, but everything worked fine after it, until it suddenly started doing this.

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